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Aye, shell be welly such a one as Hetty i ten years blue jean butt pics, ony shes got THY coloured eyes. I niver remember a blue eye i my family; my mother had eyes as black as sloes, blue jean butt pics like Hettys. The child ull be none the worse for having summat as isnt like Hetty. An Im none for having her so overpretty. Though for the matter o that, theres people wi light hair an blue eyes as pretty as them wi black. If Dinah had got a bit o colour in her cheeks, an didnt stick that Methodist cap on her head, enough to frighten the cows, folks ud think her as pretty as Hetty. Nay, nay, said Mr. Poyser, with rather a contemptuous emphasis, thee dostna know the pints of a woman.
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